Keller Lake

A 72-acre shallow lake in Maplewood that is third in the Phalen Chain of Lakes.

Keller Lake is the third lake in the Phalen Chain of Lakes and is used for a variety of recreational purposes, including motor-boating, canoeing, fishing, picnicking and viewing. There is a Ramsey County Park on the east shoreline of the lake. The lake receives flows from Gervais Lake (through Spoon Lake) and runoff from its direct tributary area.

Lake facts

  • Tributary area: 1,577 acres
  • Downstream waterbody: Lake Phalen
  • DNR code: 62‑0010P (click for LakeFinder data)
  • Surface area: 72 acres
  • Average depth: 4 feet
  • Maximum depth: 8 feet
  • MPCA designations: Shallow lake; at risk of impairment for chloride
  • Accountable municipalities: Little Canada, Maplewood, Ramsey County
  • Nutrient water quality classification: Stable

Water Quality

The following graphs show the growing season average measurements in Keller Lake for chlorophyll-a, total phosphorus and secchi transparency. Keller Lake is sampled for water quality parameters every two weeks from May through September. Keller Lake was listed as impaired for excess nutrients in 2002. However, more recent water quality studies indicated Keller Lake is meeting state standards, and the lake was removed from the impaired waters list in 2012.

Past Projects

Keller Lake

Keller Lake Shoreline

Restoration transformed this unnatural rock shoreline into diverse native plantings.

Keller Lake

Weaver Elementary School

This school rain garden protects Kohlman Creek from runoff pollution.

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