There can be multiple government entities with distinct roles when it comes to protecting our waters at the local, state, and national levels. RWMWD, like other watershed districts, acts as a local regulator.

Our permitting standards include requirements for stormwater management, flood control, wetland management, erosion and sediment control, and illicit discharge connection to the District’s stormwater conveyance systems. The Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) is a state law administered by the District that regulates projects that impact area wetlands and may come with additional requirements.

If a construction project meets all applicable rules and pays any required application fees, the construction permit is reviewed by the RWMWD Board of Managers for final approval. Some single lot residential projects may be approved at a staff level. Our staff also conducts routine inspections of construction sites to ensure standards are met through project completion.

Homeowner Permits

This application is for single residence grading projects conducted by the property owner.

Development and Linear Permits

Private developers and government agencies are required to secure a grading permit for any grading or filling activity involving more than one acre of land disturbance, land adjacent to a water body, or any alteration to a wetland or floodplain.

Permit Point of Contact

For questions about our permitting process or if you would like an update regarding your application.

Stewardship Grant Funding

If you are completing a project that benefits water quality or reduces erosion, you may be eligible for funding through the Stewardship Grant program. Our Stewardship Grant section has information on eligibility and how to schedule a free site consultation.