Partnering with the 12 cities in our district, we work across municipal boundaries to manage about 65 square miles of watershed that eventually drain into the Mississippi River, including 20 lakes, five streams and over 1,000 wetlands.

We were established in 1975 under what is now the Minnesota Watershed Act (MWA) as a special-purpose unit of government.  As such,we retain planning, regulatory and taxing authority to coordinate watershed management efforts between city, county and state agencies.

RWMWD is governed by a five-member board of managers; four are appointed by the Ramsey County Board and one by the Washington County Board. Our staff consists of 16 full-time employees, plus several seasonal interns.

Minnesota Watershed History

A primer on watershed legislation and other landmark events that shaped how Districts are run today.

Our Strategy

Our work is guided by a ten-year management plan, with input from local citizens and staff representing the city, county, and state agencies. View our management plans and the annual reports to the public, which show progress on the goals and priorities outlined in the management plan.


Find all the Board meeting minutes, technical reports, and research documents here.