Highway 36/61 Stormwater Project

This project treats runoff from over 70 acres of land entering Keller Lake.

The Highway 36/61 project was constructed as part of the overall Trunk Highway 36 and English Street interchange project. This was a joint cooperative project with the City of Maplewood and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). The project included installation of a stormwater treatment system to address runoff pollution entering Keller Lake and downstream Lake Phalen from the highway and the surrounding commercial and industrial area. The project treats stormwater from approximately 70 acres of commercial, residential and highway runoff by channeling stormwater through an enhanced sand filter cell and two wetland treatment basins designed to remove phosphorus-rich sediment and other contaminants.

MnDOT and the District have entered into a maintenance agreement which details the responsibility for inspection, operation and maintenance of the project.

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