Lake Phalen Shoreline

A project to prevent erosion led to restoration of two miles of stunning shoreland.

This restoration project has eliminated safety hazards, reduced erosion, improved fish and wildlife habitat, created greater access to the lake, and improved shoreline views. Several wildlife species, such as bluegill sunfish and great blue heron, use the restoration areas to feed. Songbirds nest and feed in the established shore wet meadow areas, and several pollinator species feed and overwinter in the natural shoreland buffers.
In addition to the restoration improving the ecology and water quality management, it also serves as a demonstration for future projects and creates learning opportunities. Over 300 local school groups have participated in environmental lessons out on the lakeshore. Numerous university classes have toured the restoration. Academic and professional societies have taken field trips to learn about the project and view the restoration. The District plans to incorporate plant identification signage around the lake in the coming years.

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