Lake Wabasso

This deep lake in the city of Shoreview has a healthy fish population.

Lake Wabasso is a deep lake in Shoreview that is used for many recreational activities, including fishing, boating and swimming. Boat access is provided in Lake Owasso County Park on the south side of the lake, which is operated and maintained by Ramsey County. Lake Wabasso takes drainage from Lake Owasso as well as its own tributary area that goes directly to the lake.

Lake facts

  • Tributary area: 147 acres
  • Downstream waterbody: Grass Lake
  • DNR code: 62‑0082P (click for LakeFinder data)
  • Surface area: 52 acres
  • Average depth: 16 feet
  • Maximum depth: 66 feet
  • MPCA designations: Deep lake; at risk of impairment for chloride
  • Accountable municipalities: Shoreview, Ramsey County
  • Nutrient water quality classification: Stable

Water Quality

The following graphs show the growing season average measurements in Lake Wabasso for chlorophyll-a, total phosphorus and secchi transparency. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has collected water quality data for Lake Wabasso through their Citizen Lake Monitoring Program since 1973. In addition, Lake Wabasso is sampled by the District every two weeks from May through September. The lake has consistently good water quality and therefore is considered a stable lake.

Lake Water Level