Battle Creek

About the Waterbody

Battle Creek is a perennial, urban stream that originates at the outlet from Battle Creek Lake in Woodbury.

The creek then flows west and discharges into Pigs Eye Lake and the Mississippi River in the Mississippi River Bottomlands subwatershed. Along Battle Creek in St. Paul, there is a well‑maintained regional park with trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and bicycling. Historically, Battle Creek was plagued by frequent and devastating floods that caused loss of life, substantial property damage and heavy stream erosion. The District completed a significant restoration project in 1982, and we continue to conduct maintenance on the creek to sustain that project

Water Quality

Since 1996, the District has cooperated with the Metropolitan Council to monitor the flow and water quality of Battle Creek. The Metropolitan Council monitors the water quality of Battle Creek as part of its Stream Monitoring Program. The monitoring station is located in St. Paul, near U.S. Highway 61, 2.2 miles upstream from the creek’s confluence with the Mississippi River. The program samples a number of dissolved and suspended solids, and performs a macroinvertebrate count on the creek. The most recent data available is from 2012, and is summarized in the 2014 report published by the Metropolitan Council. Click here for the Battle Creek fact sheet and here for the full Battle Creek chapter.

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Battle Creek

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Battle Creek

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Battle Creek

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