Battle Creek Lake

About the Waterbody

A 103-acre shallow lake outlets to Battle Creek before entering the Mississippi River.

Battle Creek Lake is used for a variety of recreational purposes, including motor boating, canoeing, fishing, picnicking and viewing. There is a public boat access at the southeast corner of the lake in Shawnee Park. The lake receives flows from Tanners Lake and runoff from its direct tributary area.

Lake Facts

  • Tributary area: 2,638 acres
  • Downstream waterbody:Battle Creek
  • DNR code: 82-0091P (click for LakeFinder data)
  • Surface area: 103 acres
  • Average depth: 4 feet
  • Maximum depth: 15 feet
  • MPCA designations: Shallow lake; impaired for mercury and chloride
  • Accountable municipalities: Landfall, Oakdale, Woodbury, Washington County
  • Nutrient water quality classification: At risk

Water quality

The following graphs show the growing season average measurements in Battle Creek Lake for chlorophyll-a, total phosphorus and secchi transparency. Battle Creek Lake is sampled for water quality parameters every two weeks from May through September.

Lake Water Level

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Battle Creek Lake

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