Marketplace Pond Buffer
Marketplace Pond Buffer

Marketplace Pond Buffer

Marketplace Pond is an oasis of prairie in the midst of a suburban shopping district.

Marketplace Pond is a flood prevention and stormwater treatment pond at Marketplace Drive near Little Canada Road. It was built by the City of Little Canada during redevelopment of the Rice Street and Little Canada Road area. It treats water that eventually flows into Round Lake and onward through the Phalen Chain of Lakes.

Soon after construction, the slopes of the basin were seeded with native short-grass prairie species. The following spring, areas along the sidewalk were planted with flowering species by Little Canada residents and other volunteers. The District’s Natural Resources (now LEAP) team installed emergent wetland plants around the water’s edge.

The sandy gravel soils found at this location are well suited for short-grass prairie species, and these native plants are thriving. Wild lupine is prominent on the site in late May and early June, with a succession of flowers blooming throughout the season, culminating in a display of purple and white asters in the fall. The basin is surrounded by sidewalks and is well-used by residents of the adjacent senior housing community.

Marketplace Pond Buffer Leap Planting

Marketplace Pond Buffer Wild Rye

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