Lakeside Pond Buffer

Blue flag iris provides a lovely solution to pollutants and excessive geese.

Lakeside Pond is a stormwater treatment pond between Little Canada Road and Lakeside Apartments near Round Lake in Little Canada. The pond is on city property and was maintained as turf grass nearly to the water’s edge. This area is subject to a large population of Canada Geese. The City of Little Canada approached the District in 2002 for assistance with a buffer planting around the perimeter of the pond. The goal was to filter runoff, beautify the pond, reduce maintenance and discourage excessive goose populations by creating a vegetative barrier around the pond.
We planted a narrow buffer strip with a variety of flowering wet meadow plants, notably meadow blazing star, marsh milkweed and blue flag iris. Spike rush, marsh marigold and sweet flag, a spicy-smelling plant with inconspicuous flowers, were planted along the shore in areas that are intermittently flooded. In shallow water we planted patches of bulrushes, bur-reed and arrowhead with help from citizen volunteers, and city staff.

The wet meadow plants have become well established. Blooming iris is spectacular in early summer, and many other flowers bloom beautifully as well. In addition to naturalizing the appearance of the pond, the plantings have provided habitat for butterflies, frogs, turtles and even green herons. District staff provide ongoing site maintenance such as pulling invasive weeds.