Kohlman Creek Bank Stabilization

This creek stabilization protects Kohlman Basin wetland and Kohlman Lake.

This project was completed to stabilize severely eroded creek banks immediately upstream of the District’s new Kohlman Basin project. The eroding creek banks were contributing considerable sediment to the creek and would have contributed to filling of the new sediment pond downstream. The sediments were also believed to contribute nutrients to Kohlman Lake.

The project was also designed to provide an outdoor laboratory to demonstrate the use of bioengineering techniques to stabilize creek banks. In the spring of 1999, staff and volunteers installed plant materials that help maintain the banks and limit erosion potential.

Construction included reshaping the creek banks to a stable slope, seeding and mulching the slopes and installing a stilling pool at the upper end of the project to slow water flows. This stilling pool was constructed using rock gabions and reno mattresses.