Keller Parkway Conveyance

RWMWD installed two new box culverts to replace the current arch-shaped culverts on Keller Parkway.

A culvert is a tunnel-like structure that allows water to flow beneath roads or railways. The installation of the box culverts will help better manage flood flows and decrease the flood levels in the area during storms with more intense rainfall. This Capital Improvement Project is an implementation item from the Beltline resiliency study.

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Detour Information

Keller Parkway Detour Map

The construction detour will utilize Edgerton Street, Labore Road, and Arcade Street. Local traffic will be able to access portions of Keller Parkway between Arcade Street and the construction site.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding the Keller Parkway culvert project, please contact RWMWD Watershed Project Coordinator David Vlasin at or 651-792-7972.