Gervais Beach Pond

A cooperative effort designed to address two drainage problem on the south side of Gervais Lake.

A storm sewer at the lake’s southwest corner was causing sedimentation and water quality problems. After working with the lake homeowners association, we developed a plan to divert the storm sewer flows into a new pond on the county beach park property. The pond was designed to treat stormwater and provide a new wetland area adjacent to the lake.

The second issue in the area involved drainage along County Road B2 on the south side of Gervais Lake. This county road drains to a low point in the roadway and out to the lake. The storm sewers and ditches did not convey the stormwater efficiently and resulted in standing water and localized flooding problems for several homeowners. This problem had been addressed with small modifications to the system for over 10 years without significant improvement.

The District coordinated an analysis of the area drainage and designed a long-term solution to the problems. Construction was coordinated with the county plan to resurface the road, and costs were split between Ramsey County, the City of Little Canada and the District. New catch basins, pipes and ditches were constructed to more efficiently route stormwater and avoid low points in the system. District staff currently manage habitat improvements at this site as well.