WaterFest 2018 Photos

Here are a few glimpses of WaterFest 2018, captured by Anita Jader. Held June 2nd at Lake Phalen, this year’s WaterFest was particularly wet, but that didn’t stop folks from having a great time both inside the pavilion and out by the lake.

Special thanks goes out all of our volunteers, sponsors, and to event coordinator Debbie Meister! This was Debbie’s final year heading up WaterFest, and we’re so grateful for her leadership and enthusiasm over the past 19 years. We’re pleased to welcome Maddy Bohn as our new coordinator for WaterFest 2019 and beyond.

Tina Carstens and Debbie Meister
Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District​ Administrator Tina Carstens (left) thanked event coordinator Debbie Meister for 19 years at WaterFest.


Flower card making
Making flower cards was a big hit for little hands inside the pavilion!


Climate Chaser
The University of Minnesota’s Backyard Phenology Climate Chaser mobile lab was on-site to gather first-hand stories about our changing climate.


Dancing at amphitheater
Fun times were had all day at the Center For Hmong Arts & Talent amphitheater stage.


Looking at macroinvertebrates
Visitors got an up-close look at macroinvertebrates that live in our lakes and streams.


Live snake
The Minnesota Herpetological Society was on-hand with live snakes.


Hobby Beekeepers Association
The Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association quite an impression, thanks to the Queen Bee!


pond dipping
Kids went pond dipping for water critters with Harriet Alexander Nature Center.


recycle fishing game
Urban Roots and Ramsey County held the recycle fishing game inside the pavilion, another kid favorite.


Russ Stark
City of Saint Paul Chief Resilience Officer Russ Stark addressed the crowd during a rainy start to WaterFest 2018.


Water footprint
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization helped visitors pledge to reduce their water footprint by conserving water.


Wilderness Inquiry had a steady stream of paddlers on the Lake Phalen channel throughout the day.

Check out more photos on the WaterFest Facebook page.