WaterFest 2017

Wilderness Voyager canoes travel between the Phalen Channel and Phalen Lake.




WaterFest 2017, held on June 3rd at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, was a busy, fun-filled event with well over 2,000 attendees. The temperature reached 88 degrees and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day for this year’s festival.

Thank you to all our wonderful partners, exhibitors, volunteers, sponsors and you who attended – the people who love to “Make Waves!” And a big round of applause for our WaterFest consultant who helps make it all happen – Debbie Meister!

The photos below provide a great overview of the event.



Farnsworth Aerospace Marching Band


Breck School Bato Bato! Marimba Ensemble perform in the amphitheater.
This band was a great hit!
CHAT – The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent – helped coordinate performances.


Senator Foung Hawj provided the welcome and introduced the Farnsworth Band.


Hmong traditional dancers performed in their beautiful costumes.


Catch-a-Critter in a net was organized by Harriet Alexander Nature Center.
Our neighbors, Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning, were planting bean seeds.


The Minnesota Dragonfly Society talked with over 400 people.


Families Outdoors, a service of the Jeffers Foundation, encouraged families to un-plug for a day.


We had multiple opportunities for fishing provided by Tips Outdoors and Joe’s Sporting Goods.


It’s never too early to learn the finer points of fishing.
The pier provided a great place to offer tips for fishing.
Kids signing in to get their wristbands for Voyager canoes


Frogtown Green “Don’t Feed the Algae” display


Great River Greening provided information on volunteering with their organization.
St. Paul Parks and Rec is a key partner in WaterFest.


The jump castle is a big hit!
Wilderness Inquiry provides paddling equipment and instruction for all ages.
“I hope somebody’s balancing this thing!”
The MN Army National Guard provides a challenge with the climbing wall.


The kayaks and support at the boating dock were provided by St. Paul Parks and Rec and Twin Cities Paddle Sports.


It was a great day to be on the water!


Putt Putt Golf provides a fun challenge and information about keeping our water clean.


The St. Paul Public Library set up a StoryWalk leading up to the entrance of the pavilion.


The St. Paul Public Library Bookmobile provided an opportunity to check out books.


Capital Region Watershed District provided several displays that helped teach about water pollution and ways to prevent it.


Sherry Brooks and Gene Christenson talk about pollinators.


The 3M Clown Club came to provide fun and animal balloons for the children.
Dana Boyle brought attention to Tamarack Nature Preserve while painting a portrait of a marsh cinquefoil.


The Minnesota Herpetological Society exhibit always provides excitement.


“Want to pet the iguana?”


Jenn Radke, Tina Carstens and Mark Gernes show off their new WaterFest T-shirts.


Ramsey County Master Gardeners provide advice on gardening and seed packets.
Which water did you like best at the Water Bar?

Photo Credit: Carrie Magnuson
Maplewood Nature Center brought toads and salamanders.



Ramsey County Parks and Rec shared nature neighbors.
Anna Beining, RWMWD Intern, at the natural resources display.
Senator Foung Hawj checks out one of the reptiles.
Which kind of surface creates the least runoff?
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provided the answers.


Thanks to the parking lot attendants led by Terry Noonan and Joe Fox for their good work.
(Terry Noonan pictured above on left.)


We’re looking forward to WaterFest 2018. We hope to see you there!




**All photo credits to Anita Jader except where noted.