RWMWD Adopts Alternative Landscaping Equipment

Ever think about how gas-powered landscaping equipment — string trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, backpack blowers, chain saws, and pole saws — impact air quality? Our land care tools are a significant source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other air emissions. The average gas-powered push mower produces 14.76 pounds of air pollution in an hour — the same amount as driving your car 200 miles!

Thanks to a cost-share program from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, RWMWD is working with battery-powered equipment this season. Not only does this equipment reduce emission of pollutants, it is lighter and much quieter.

We have been using the new string trimmers for several weeks and find them to be just as powerful and a great deal more pleasant than our old gas-powered trimmers. A battery charge lasts about as long as a tank of gas, and recharges in about 15 minutes. With 2 batteries per tool (and a handy power source) are able to rely on these trimmers for all-day performance. We have become converts to the benefits of battery powered land care tools!

Many thanks to the MPCA for offering this cost-share program and enabling us to make the leap to cleaner, safer equipment!