Phalen and Keller Weir Projects

Keller weir and Phalen outlet location mapThe Phalen Lake outlets and Keller Channel weirs are getting an upgrade as part of the Beltline Resiliency Plan.

RWMWD will be able to automatically adjust the weir heights on the Keller Channel structure and the Phalen Lake outlet structure when the project is completed this spring. The remote weir adjustments mean RWMWD can set the water level for the Phalen Chain of lakes when it rises above normal or in anticipation of sizeable rain events. This capability will help prevent flooding during abnormally large rain events and allow for additional water storage farther up the Phalen Lake Chain.

The construction team will be onsite through March 31. Residents and park users can expect temporary alternate walking paths around the project area during construction.

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Phalen outlet work

Phalen outlet structure








Onsite at the Phalen Lake outlet