Larry Swope joins Board of Managers

Larry SwopeThis month, we welcome Larry Swope to our Board of Managers. He is a Shoreview resident with a master’s degree in Industrial Systems from Ohio University. Larry retired in 2011 after more than 30 years working for 3M on chemical and industrial safety, product development, respiratory protection, marketing and communications. His technical knowledge and experience with environmental regulation will be a valuable asset to our district.

Larry replaces Jen Oknich who moved out of the district and resigned from the board in January.

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners seeks applicants for our board and selects four of the five members, since about 80 percent of our watershed district is located within Ramsey County. Washington County does the same for the fifth member. Each District board member is appointed for a three-year term and can seek reappointment after their term expires.

Marj Ebensteiner and Pamela Skinner were both reappointed to the board this year. Larry will fulfill the remaining two years of Jen Oknich’s term.

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