Gervais Creek Sediment Removal

The Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District (RWMWD) has hired Fitzgerald Excavating & Trucking (contractor) to complete a project at Gervais Creek. The project consists of removing and disposing of accumulated sediment/debris from a section of Gervais Creek and site restoration after removal is completed. Restoration includes native seed planting along the creek edges and access points. Turf grass will be restored in areas currently mowed by the city. The location of this work will be the entire creek length between Owasso Basin (South Owasso Blvd. area) and Country Drive.

The contractor has already mobilized equipment and has started to perform the work. We currently expect the restoration to last 2-3 weeks.  Site work will be restricted to weekdays between 8 am – 5 pm and has been designed to have minimal impacts on pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

For questions and concerns about this project, please contact Dave Vlasin, Watershed Project Coordinator, with RWMWD – or 651.792.7972.