Electric Carp Barrier Installed at West Vadnais Lake Outlet

RWMWD and Vadnais Lakes Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO) have worked with Carp Solutions, Inc. to install a low-voltage electric fish barrier at the outlet of West Vadnais Lake. Two rows of electrodes have been placed across the stream and are connected to an onshore control unit. This barrier helps prevent the passage of carp into spawning areas and the Phalen Chain of Lakes.

Electric barrier and fencing

We will test the performance of the barrier using Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) technology. PIT tags do not require power but instead use a microchip that activates when it is near a receiver unit. Hundreds of carp have already been PIT tagged throughout the system. We will be able to tell if the barrier effectively stops tagged fish.

The PIT system will be checked once a week during the peak of migration season (April – June) and then once a month through the remainder of the year. If large groups of carp are detected at the barrier, we plan to net and remove as many as possible.

Fencing and warning signs have been installed around the barrier. Please heed the signs and stay away from the equipment.